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askPio (connected, protected and integrated)

askPio (connected, protected and integrated)

AskPio is one stop solution for all your problems whether it pertains to remembering numerous and complex passwords or need of secured passwords. It not only offers you connections with your friends and mates but also help you in acknowledging the required changes with the help of a centralized system.

AskPio provides the user with bot framework to present an easy and comfortable interface to the user. Bot will help you with the registration to the application to using all its unique and commendable features without any difficulty. Moreover, it will also keep you connected, protected and integrated which is our motto.

AskPio work towards betterment of a company’s relation with its employees by keeping them informed, updated and ahead in all the challenges. AskPio will connect you with multiple applications having different passwords and it will safeguard all of them under one secured password with an opportunity to update it with time and keep your group, colleagues, friends, mates, members informed about it.

AskPio has the feature of generating complex password according to your need for any application as per your need. Every time you log in into new application, askPio will safeguard and lock all your passwords at one accessible place as well as linking you with the application at the same time.

Along with this, askPio will schedule your meetings, set your reminders, keep you coordinated and connected with peers, present you with all the previous updates, catching up the deadlines and reaching the goals.

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