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Bot Framework

Bot Framework

Bored of doing repetitive and tiresome tasks, want to fix an appointment, need a quick and direct link to your connections (social media, organizational contacts etc.), urgent requirement of fixing schedules or setting reminders – Give your digital assistant a chance to do these tasks for you. Logging into an application would not restrain you and would seem effortless if such time and energy consuming tasks are being done for you by our personalized digital assistants.

Chatbots are conversational platforms built as a product of highly impactful artificial intelligence which reckons your problems well and that too with the added feature of understanding natural language.

Chatbots/Digital Assistant are posing breath holding solutions for us. Where one seems to get involved more and more into a hectic schedule in life; wishes to overturn manual error prone, less reliable management, one can switch to chatbots as their assistant. They are not only more intelligent and reliable but also more easily manageable and cost effective as well.

Subwai has also used the bot framework to simplify the tasks for the user. It has opted for feature full and impeccable Microsoft’s bot framework along with the added customizations. Microsoft has used machine learning and LUIS for the bot framework. Machine learning where helps in building human intelligence into bots, LUIS helps in converting speech into intent.

One can think of chatbots as our non-separable partners in future. Wouldn’t it be interesting that instead of navigating various links to reach the desired one, one just instruct one’s digital assistant to perform activities?

Who does not want to be winner? This requires re-channelizing your energy aim fully and purposefully. Chatbots would help you to grow your potential, ridding of you from the repetitive tasks and taking the onus on itself.

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