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LUIS and askPio

LUIS and askPio

To make the conversational interface had been the far sighted goal of the computer technology. Today with the help of LUIS and artificial intelligence this seems to become true for human beings. Making the machines converse with human beings naturally by understanding their language, speech, emotions etc. has become easier now.

Such accomplishments such as enriching machines with artificial intelligence have been made possible through LUIS, which is the key component of making the conversational interfaces. Through LUIS it has now become possible to customize our own chatbots which would understand your problem in natural language and poses you viable answers. Such systems have made artificial intelligence so approachable for users.

Such LUIS systems can be used even without gaining rare knowledge of machine learning. By inculcating such system, askpio has brought in dynamism to its space.

The dynamism has been brought by using the bot framework in the application. The bot will help you connect with various different services through it. The bot framework has helped to make the application easier to handle and understand. But the uniqueness lies in the areas and secured way bot helps you to engage with the application.

Askpio presents a diverse range of services via LUIS based bot framework to solve the client’s queries. Askpio offers various services such as scheduling and rescheduling your meeting, sharing your confidential data with the help of a bot in a safe and secured way i.e. sharing your bank details, user id’s and passwords to the selected members in a group and keeping it unknown for others at the same time. You just need to login and register to start your application.

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