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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

In this era where information is required at a galloping speed, where everyone requires easy and quick access to information; Artificial intelligence comes to play.

Be it an individual or a business peer or it may be a student or an expert each of them like their query to be answered within no time. Where everyone is busy in their task, one likes to get their every task solved at the same platform. AI solves this problem for us.

Staying Connected has become an integrated part of our life. Stronger networks have become essential component of this competitive era. AI supported technologies solves the task in an easier and requisite manner.

Keeping manual records, files, database is no longer in life now. When one has switched to automation in almost every aspect, he has also become vulnerable to the cyber-attacks. Hence being secured before going digital has become our topmost priority. Here again Artificial Intelligence comes to foreplay. The key part is where there are three problems, there is only one solution i.e. Artificial Intelligence.

What if all the above problems are solved at one platform? And that too is using a personal assistant. Here Artificial Intelligence supported bot technology comes in action. Using LUIS our digital assistants would be available to us to perform the tasks for us.

Subwai has brought with it this unique platform with bot supported technology and LUIS. Be it the problem of remembering so many passwords, or scheduling/rescheduling your meeting, or monthly/daily/annual performance analysis, conveying a message to your personal group or setting personal/business reminders. Subwai proposes the solution to all.

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